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We carry out major overhauls and medium repairs of machine tools as well as service repairs on the customers' premises.

Major overhauls
Thanks to the many years' experience of our employees, we are able to carry out major overhauls of machine tools. These include lathes, milling, grinding and other types of machines. However, we concentrate in particular on machines for the production of cogs, such as hobbing and gear shaping machines. We carry out these repairs on our premises, located at the former TOS Čelákovice factory. Our workshop is equipped with machines that enable us undertake the repairs and to make new spare parts. The size of our workshop is approximately 1.000 m2 and it is equipped with a crane with a lifting capacity of 6.500 kg. During major overhauls, we modernize most of the machines by changing the control systems to PLC (programmable logic controller) systems and we carry out changes that increase the output and reliability of the machines.

Medium repairs
If the guiding surfaces of the machine are in good condition, it is possible to opt for a medium repair, which will involve restoring the machine's accuracy and is not so financially demanding. When we carry out these repairs, we do not remove the machine from its premises but only take away parts of the machine. By shaving, we renew the machine's geometrical accuracy that it demonstrates then the accuracy of a new machine. Following such a repair, it is suitable to equip the machine with a digital measuring gauge and thus increase the convenience of operating the machine. We are able to offer various types of measuring gauges from a number of producers (NEWALL, SONY, HEIDENHAIN and others).

Service repairs on the customer's premises
We carry out these repairs based on a telephone or email request, and an appointment to carry out the repair is usually set up within a few days, sometimes even within a few hours (depending on the nature of the problem). If it is not possible to rectify the problem on the premises on which the machine is located, we use our premises and complete the repair as soon as possible.


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